Large Wood mechanical Clock, fully exposed mechanism


All natural wood clock with Das Escape1, Model The “Walter” Clock #4

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This all-wood clock artistically designed from a variety of natural woods combines mechanical motion with beauty to produce a fully functioning weight driven machine. No batteries needed! The heritage construction techniques and carefully selected hardwoods combine to produce a timepiece that is both timeless and modern, an artistic durable moving marvel. The self driven components create a sweet sound that along with the movement and natural colours of the wood makes this clock a one of a kind aesthetically pleasing addition to any home.

Each clock is numbered and signed, this clock is number 4.

Every component of this clock has been designed, machined, hand assembled, finished, and tested in our clock shop located in Paris, Ontario, Canada. The woods used are the same as those used in historic wood clocks. These woods are known for their strength, stability, and durability, ensuring many years of use. The dovetails, mortise, tenon, pegs, and pins are the same joinery techniques used in wood clocks of centuries past. The finish is also a historic natural recipe which helps preserve the wood and increases its stabilization and strength. The entire clock is designed for long life, easy maintenance, and if ever needed, easy repair. It is a complete clock, not a kit, and fully functional with an accuracy capability of +or-30 seconds per day. Find the perfect spot on the wall, fill the wood weight box with approximately ten to twelve pounds of weight, set the time, and away it goes telling time! The clock has a new escapement design so under the right conditions is self starting. This escapement is designed so the clock will not be interrupted by the subtle air motions all around, while exposing all the mechanical components for viewing. Something you will not find in any other clock and designed by Nathan Das of Hallicra’s Works.

Just a few simple instructions:
1. Hang the clock in your perfect location using the removable wall bracket. Ensure it is level and secured to a single wall stud.
2. Remove the weight box lid and fill the box with approximately ten to twelve pounds of total weight (not included).
3. Set the time by moving the independent hands to the correct position and then let the pendulum swing.
4. Turn the capstan to raise the up to 7-day weight (clock must be hung with a total weight drop distance of 65” to achieve 7 days, lowering the clock will just increase the amount of winding sessions needed, it will not affect the clocks timekeeping.
5. Regulate the time by turning the hand located in the centre of the pendulum. This will raise or lower the pendulum bob which will speed up or slow down the mechanical action. Adjust until your clock is keeping perfect time.
6. The clock is designed to be easily oiled in each pivot position when needed without disassembly. Should there be a maintenance issue, only three pegs hold the movement plates together for easy disassembly.

Find a detailed video of the clock here!

Additional information

Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 16 × 16 × 8 in


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