Handmade Stickers, Labels & Tags

Welcome to our lively universe of Canadian handmade stickers, labels & Tags, where every adhesive creation is a burst of artistic delight! Dive into our curated collection, crafted with love and care by talented artisans who turn ordinary labels into extraordinary expressions of joy.

In this eclectic category, we’ve gathered an assortment of handmade stickers, labels, and tags that redefine ordinary moments. From whimsical illustrations to elegant designs, each piece is designed by a Canadian Maker. They infuse personality and flair into the everyday.

Explore a world where stickers transform mundane objects into canvases of creativity, labels become statements of style, and tags evolve into charming tokens of uniqueness. Our collection is a celebration of the boundless possibilities when artistry meets functionality.

Stick, label, and tag your way to a world of handmade charm. Our Canadian handmade stickers, labels & Tags are more than accessories. They’re tiny bursts of creativity that elevate your everyday moments. Embrace the fun, support local artisans, and let your individuality shine with every peel and press!


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