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My art is my voice, revealing my tales to those who would listen.I’ve spent my life exploring art in its many forms. Over the years I’ve worked as an illustrator, a graphic designer, a layout artist, a classical animator, a web designer, a photo lab technician, and an acquisitions editor. I explore both traditional and digital mediums, and often combine the two.Twice I’ve been nominated for the Prix Aurora Award. The first was in 2012 for the cover illustration of Neo-Opsis issue #20. Then in 2014 for the Urban Green Man literary anthology, for which I did the cover and inside illustrations, design layout, and co-edited the content with Adria Laycraft. The Funny Farm, a children’s book that I illustrated for author Gordon R. Perry, won the Fall 2013 Pinnacle Achievement Award for Best Book in the Children’s Interest category. Another of his books that I illustrated, The Dog & The Hen: It’s Fun to be a Friend, was a finalist for the Book Excellence Award in the Children’s Motivational/Inspirational category.

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