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Dragonfly Dreaming® came to life in 1996 with the birth of a wee red-headed baby girl. Concern that she might inherit her Scottish Daddy’s sensitive skin led us to creating, from scratch, lovely things to use on her skin – all plant based, with no petrochemicals, preservatives, nut or animal oils. Thus, we created the cutting edge in truly natural organic body care because back then, there was NOTHING chemical-free on the market!


Super organic ingredients and the healing traditions of many eras and cultures – infused with the sparkling cutting-edge twist and matchless quality of an obsessed perfectionist – it could only come from Dragonfly Dreaming®, Canada’s original Pioneer Au Naturel – organic alchemy for body & spirit, since 1996 – created by hand, by us, on Vancouver Island.

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Dragonfly Dreaming Organics

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