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Art can find inspiration from many sources.

For ceramic artist Heather Goldminc, inspiration flows from the natural surroundings of her Canadian West Coast home – where she experiences four impressive seasons – the heat of summer, the freshness of spring, the coziness of winter and the vibrancy of fall – the flora and the fauna plays key roles in her creations.

Inspiration also comes from the love of her husband, Will Bottoms, a gentle, hard-working man;  as well as time spent with her two coton de tulears, Rosie and Willow. Outings as a family in nature is where her mind flies freely, imagining and creating. Her mom, Duff, is a constant source of inspiration – her laughter, her stories and her delight in the world are certainly awe inspiring – each and every day.

With all this inspiration, it’s little wonder that her whimsical, and sometimes spiritual, creations, captivate buyers from all over the globe. The natural inspiration is found in her playful ceramic trees, toadstools, flowers, and animals whose colour and flow can’t help but make one smile. But her artistry also moves in more otherworldly directions and her fanciful angels have proven powerfully enticing to Christian collectors, particularly among her U.S. fans.

As well, her brightly fantastical designs have attracted the interest of major corporations. Heather has designed for Disney, Costco, Pier 1, Neiman Marcus, Celestial Seasons, Hobby Lobby, Home Goods and many others.

Her Blue Sky art pieces are among the most collected in North America. Her work is highly sought after – and with the warmth and wonder of each piece, it is apparent why. She is happiest when creating and thinking of new lines, ideas, and colours are part of her daily life. When playing with her dogs, walking near the ocean, or working around her studio, she is almost always to be found with a piece of clay in her hand, handling it, shaping it, letting its essence open up her creativity.

But where did all this artistry spring from?

The memorable moment that wound up shaping her life and career came at the age of five. One day, her mother, Duff, brought home a bag of clay which instantly captured her interest. As she recalls it, the stuff was cold, wet, gray, and musty – hardly a material to inspire a young girl. However, this raw lump of clay would soon become a reflection of her soul, dancing through her dreams until given life by her hands.

Growing up in North Vancouver, B.C., with her brothers and sisters, she was inspired by a wealth of life experiences, including being a competitive Highland dancer. Working her way through art school, Heather juggled jobs as a dance instructor and retail sales but working with clay was always part of her life. After a while she began to sell her products to local gift stores and galleries, absolutely thrilled that her creations gave joy to so many people.

In 1996, Heather moved to Vancouver Island to pursue her love of ceramics. Initially she thought the island paradise would lead to a simpler life and shortened work schedule. The reality proved quite the opposite. Working to run her Clayworks studio filled her days and it soon became one of the most popular places for giftware on the island. After a busy few years, she realized she could not fulfill her developing artistic dreams alone. Fate intervened and Heather was approached by Blue Sky. Captivated by her work and dedication to keeping its joyful spirit intact, Blue Sky’s global online reach offered her a way to inspire collectors worldwide.

For Heather, it is a tremendous privilege and dream come true to see her work in the homes of people all over the world, touching the hearts of so many.

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