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I have started this path of wanting to open a shop / workshop for local people started 10 years ago when I looked for suitable supplies for me and considering that the stores I once had in Ottawa, there is nothing demeaning here. Everything an artist may need should be ordered outside of the city, either in Chicoutimi or even further away, which results in high shipping costs. Over the past 3 years, I have talked to different artists from the James Bay region and I looked for their needs, and it became yes. We need a place of our own. A place for buy products as well as to exhibit our work outside local fairs (which are only 3 times a year for a day or two) as well as someone who can help with an internet presentation. So i opened My own store, starting here on the internet with Etsy, Facebook, and my own website.

I hand spin and hand dye the yarns that i offer as well as make soaps and other bath products. I paint, use pastels and as well make jewelry not just what i think look good but as well all that i do I do as custom orders as well.

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Kreation Nordique

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