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I left the city, moved to an old log cabin, off grid, in the woods.  I’m an artist and sell my artwork.  I’m a candle maker (28 yrs) and sell my candles and offer candle making workshops during the cold, winter months.  I’m also a glass artist (25 yrs) and make stained glass art, mosaic glass art, glass ornaments, stained glass candle holders.  I also dable in other mediums as well, such as polymer clay art, paper-maché art and a few others.  I’m also an avid myconaught, and have been growing my own, gourmet and medicinal mushrooms.  I’m now in the process of prepping some individual mushroom grow bags to sell for those interested in their health, interested in trying something new and very beneficial and easy and fun.  I also sell medicinal mushroom tinctures and Chaga.

I truly believe in live and let live.  We are all but masses of energy just floating around in this universe, living in this dimension.  🙂  Peace and Love!

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