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I am a metalsmith, artist, gardener, and creative soul. I say metalsmith rather than silversmith because they are quite different! True silversmithing is all about making vessels and utensil pieces, not jewelry. Goldsmithing techniques are used for jewelry making, whether the medium is gold, silver, platinum, copper.

What I do is closer to goldsmithing, but because I work in silver, copper, bronze, aluminum, brass, and a little bit of gold, I feel that metalsmith is a more appropriate title! I don’t just make jewelry – I love larger scale projects as well and have several copper art pieces in the works as I type. I don’t have a formal education in metals – this is a learn as I go career that has taken me places I never could have imagined as my younger self. Follow your heart dear makers; you are never too old and it’s not too late to do what you love.



Artists draw inspiration from everything around them. I love architecture, mid-century modern furniture, anything Art Deco, and Art Nouveau. As an introvert, I need space for quiet reflection. My garden is my refuge when I’m not in the studio, and our family is lucky to have a waterfront cabin property that is a home away from home. I am able to read, nap, sketch, listen to music, or enjoy the gorgeous symphony of singing birds, crashing waves, and rustling leaves. This quiet reflection recharges me and keeps my creativity flowing.


For a peek behind the scenes, follow me on Instagram (@twocarrotsstudio). You will see works in progress along with some finished pieces. I love the creative process, and it’s fun to share how I take raw materials like sheet and wire and turn them into something beautiful. You get to see how metal sometimes gets really, really ugly before it gets pretty.

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