Activated Charcoal & Shikakai Solid Shampoo Bars


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Shampoo Bars that actually take care of your hair till they last. Sulphate Free, Made from naturally derived foaming agents, clays, extracts and proteins. Super concentrated. Net wt: 75g each.


1. Activated Charcoal & Shikakai with Bamboo Extract Solid Shampoo Bar:

Benefits: Contains Activated Charcoal that helps cleanse impurities, removes the sebum and deep cleanse

pores to let your hair breathe. Shikakai is rich in antioxidants and vitamins A,C, K &D that help in hair

growth, soothes scalp, fight dandruff, adds shine, prevent grays, & curbs hair loss. Bamboo extract

contains high percentage of Silica which makes it excellent for strengthening hair.



Wet hair thorough. Wet the bar and rub your scalp and hair to generate leather. Wet the bar again if you require more foam.

Massage your scalp and hair throughly with hands for couple of seconds. Rinse off.

Leave the bar in an open drainable soap dish to let it air dry before the next use. If after many uses, the bar retains water and softens then refrigerate it between uses. This will not only harden the bar but increase it life as well.

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